Putin is the Shit!

(Sung to the tune of “Puttin’ on the Ritz”)



When your Trump and in a slump

Need a bump in your income…

Hey, don’t sweat it!

Putin is the shit!


Washington, that filthy swamp,

Will become a toxic dump!

I promise it!

Putin is the shit!

If I need a shower on Putin’s Dacha

Never mind the hour! I call Natasha!

Throw rubles in the wash , Ah!



Its Vlad’s treat! Viagra calls!

To my suite: Niagra Falls!

That girl’s a trip!

Putin is the Shit!


Plus his moles from Stavropol

Pose as trolls to hack the polls

He’s workin’ it!

Putin is the Shit!

Putin’s gonna help me start a Gulf war!

To boost my bottom line, also my golf score!

That’s what this is all for !




Aryans are fine folks too,

Just airing an opposing view…

What’s wrong with it?

Putin is the Shit!


Build a wall, we’ll make it HUGE

Got some gall to seek refuge!

Let’s jail their kids!

Putin is the Shit!


When I notice Stormy winds a-blowin’  

I get my trickster fixer mister Cohen…

On the telephohen!



Why did Sessions ever choose

No discretion and recuse,

Oh Goddam it!

Putin is the Shit!


Spies give checks to NRA

Guys, plus sex so they will play

His politics,

Putin is the Shit!

Here’s a picture that chick shook her glutes in

She got dicks up quick to do her shootin’

For Rootin’ Tootin’ Putin!



GOP don’t wanna to see

No pee pee, nor Huckabee

Her jaw bone grit…

Putin is the Shit!


Manafort’s a man who sports

Fancy shorts, the Panda sort…

I’ll bet they itch!

Putin is the Shit!

Its rude if you conclude some dude’s colludy!

Ignore fake news! Want truth! Go talk to Rudy…

He’s truthfully deludy!


I won’t end up in the pen

Vlad’s my friend up to the end!

I’ll  count on it!

Putin is the Shit!


When the tale of Trump is told

They’ll regale me like Arnold


Putin is the Shit!