Mobilize Love

In response to shelter-in-place orders Mobilize Love, the first and only non-profit food truck service in the San Francisco Bay Area, will be distributing free meals to various neighborhoods throughout the city of San Francisco. The organization already deploys a fleet of outreach trucks which provide underserved children access to basic human services, which also makes it uniquely positioned to bring essential services to those who have been left most vulnerable by the city’s social distance mandates.

Mobilize Love will be providing free meals on wednesday evenings in San Francisco’s Bayview district, thursday afternoons in the East Bay, and thursday evenings in the Sunset district. The trucks currently bring 100-150 meals per visit and partner with area Food Banks to provide additional groceries tp low-income families, senior citizens, immigrant families, and the newly-unemployedn throughout the city. Currently seeking additional funds to help expand their work, the organization has recently launched a Coronavirus Response Fund.