Don’t Stand For It!

 Any person or nation that tries to force you to stand up to listen to its favorite song, is behaving like a thug or a four year old girl. They are simply shouting at you in a party outfit trying to coerce your allegiance instead of trying to inspire you to pledge it freely.

The right of every individual in a free state to stand up or sit down either in fidelity or fatigue, should be both obvious and inviolable. That is why those “Sit-Lie Laws” that are still on the books, even in supposedly liberal cities like San Francisco, stand out so starkly as the perfect inversion of the values of liberty.

These laws are based on the commercial premise that one must buy the right to orient oneself on the ground as one sees fit. The idea is that if a citizen cannot afford to buy or rent a place to sit or lie down they must therefore remain standing indefinitely;. In other words, citizens do not have the right to sit down unless they are already financially upstanding.