Brewers Unite In Oakland!


Four of Oakland’s craft brewers have now joined forces to celebrate the spirit of their brewing community. Like a team of huskies dashing across the frozen northern tundra, they are determined to carry on the legacy of California’s iconic hard-drinking novelist and wealthy socialist Jack London.

So, dubbing the pack of micro-coffee roasters, bars, spendy restaurants and small breweries that lie scattered amid the brick industrial buildings of Oakland’s old waterfront as The Jack London Brewing District, the group has now set forth to host “joint events, events with joints, collaboration brews, walking tours, block parties, etc.”.


The novel brewing collaboration includes: Independent Brewing, Federation Brewing (who’d have thought those two would ever get along?) Original Pattern Brewing, and the starry-eyed newcomer United Beerworks set to open later this summer. The group’s inaugural brew is a kettle-soured 100% spelt beer finished with raspberries, partially-aged in Syrah barrels, and reputedly, “freaking delicious”. Named “Jack London Jam” (not for the blues, one presumes, but for the berries,) it is currently available from all four breweries at their respective tasting rooms in Oakland.