The Dutch have a droll expression for sudden unexpected good fortune. “You really fell with your nose in the butter!” they’ll exclaim. The expression also fully applies to the sheer delight of owning this little hand-powered butter churn from Churncraft.

Winner of a prestigious Red Dot Award for product design, this sturdy glass churn is artfully designed for optimal churning. The graceful arm with its polished wooden handle rotates almost willfully, allowing a corresponding paddle within the heavy glass jar to whirl apace as it thickens the cream with compressed air.

The heavy rounded glass provides a solid base   for steady churning, and the inner paddle leaps to life with each turn of the handle.

Like a jockey you begin to round each churn at an ever rising pace. You’ll rocket past those mounting forms of thickening cream arising inside the churn, on to the moment of lactic glory when tiny clusters,t hose little golden globules of compressed fat, begin appear and congregate inside your churn like tiny edible cherubim.

At that point you may rest, open up the churn, remove the clustered butter-fodder and, using either a wooden spoon or one of the handy wooden paddles provided with the churn, press the rich clustered mass of butter through a colander.

This will further separate the butter from the protein-rich liquid or whey which, of course, is just as valuable as the butter when properly cultured into buttermilk, or for use in innumerable baked goods.

Fresh-churned buttermilk ls both sweeter and less acidic than the store-bought variety. It also has a thinner consistency. Needless to say, the quality of any dairy product depends upon the quality of the milk from which it is made, and the welfare of the animals from which that milk was sourced. Always try to seek out the best local and organic dairy products you can afford.