Sex Among Strawberries



Autonomous and visionary, the delicious and ambitious strawberry opted to evolved into a self-pollinating hermaphrodite in order to acheive a global agenda.

Its scheme was basically conservative. It was to conserve the energy it would have spent attracting insects to transport its pollen locally, on alluringclever bipeds to cultivate and propagate its progeny worldwide.

Though the scheme worked well and the fruit is now a global player, the strawberry’s sweet smell of success came with one very bitter downside. Where once there were dozens of strawberry varieties flourishing in farms and greenhouses across the globe., now almost the entirety of the strawberry crop, especially in teh U.S, consists of a single species, the “Pineapple” strawberry, or Fragaria ananassa. 

Fortunately, the strawberries genius still thrives in solitude, and a few uncultivated varieties can still be found even on American wild lands. As recently as 2012, an undocumented species was found fruiting in the high peaks of Oregon’s Cascade Mountains. Native to the region, the novel strawberry was dubbed Fragaria cascadensis.