Earth In Focus


The documentary Bluefin, which chronicles the over-fishing of tuna and the mystery of why the normally wary species no longer fear humans and how this plays into their endangered status, will be part of the documentary series entitled Earth Focus Presents offered on KCET this April.





The films in the series, (which are available free for streaming for one week following their broadcast), are part of the longest-running environmental news magazine on U.S. television featuring ecological documentary films. Offered to coincide with EARTH DAY, the films focus on key ecological and agricultural issues including support for small farmers around the world as they face the effects of climate change.

 Other focal points in the series include the need for building sustainability solutions in agriculture through open source innovation, and instituting sustainable fishery practices as part of the preservation of our ecological commons.

For more lively communal consciousness raising, the San Francisco Green Film Festival has announced that Green Film Fest 2018  in Septembe is timed to align with the Global Climate Action Summit.

“We are excited to open the 8th annual festival in September when green leaders from around the world will come to San Francisco to support the Paris Climate Agreement,” said  the festival’s founder Rachel Caplan. Green Film Fest 2018 will launch on September 6th at the Castro Theatre. Other San Francisco Bay Area festival venues will include: Roxie, 518 Valencia, Bayview Opera House, and San Francisco Public Library