Local Milky Way


Both the flavor and nutritional value of milk depends largely on the distance it must travel in order to reach your table.

The heating process used to prevent milk from surviving temperature shifts during transport tends to undermine its taste and vitality.

The vast majority of the milk now available on U.S. supermarket shelves is sourced from a handfull of mega-dairies where tens of thousands of animals are kept in vast containment barns, fed GMO grains cultivated with chemical fertilizers and pesticides, and raised in generally lifeless and anti-pastoral conditions.

Due to the unhealthy and crowded environments in which they are raised, the stressed and unhealthy cows then protected from infection by mega-doses of antibiotics.

Lovers of good health, fine cuisine, and happy animals must take the steps necessary to source thier milk only from the certified organic farm cooperatives and local dairies of their respective regions.