Spirited Competition

The 2017 Fernet-Branca Barback Games are being held Sunday, November 12th at The Midway, a space for music events and art in San Francisco’s Dogpatch district.

The competition, which began as a single market event in San Francisco over ten years ago is now held in New York, Chicago, Boston, and San Diego. The event highlights the gifts of the often unsung heroes of the saloon- the Barbacks who challenge each other in a fierce competition of skill and endurance.

More than fifty Bay Area Barbacks from some of the most well-respected establishments (including Rye, Monarch and Trick Dog) will compete in timed events including: Bottle Relay, Beer Restocking, Spill Clean Up, and the dreaded Keg Changing Relay. Ten local judges will also be on hand to determine who will be crowned the next best Barback in the USA. The event is free with RSVP.

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