Rise of the Malt Right




This spring San Francisco Bay Area brewers will once again be able to brew with premier malts and cultivate the unique flavors of traditionally floor-malted barley. Admiral Maltings, a new “Malt House” will be California’s first modern floor-malting facility harkening  back to pre-Prohibition days when malt houses would produce malt from local barley designated for regional breweries.

Malt is the backbone and soul of craft beer. Today, most malt is mass-produced by a few very large manufacturers. Only a handful of malting companies around the world still practice the art of floor-malting, wherein small batches of grain are steeped in water, allowed to germinate, and are cured in a shallow loaded kiln. Floor-malted grain is beloved by craft brewers and distillers alike for its flavor, aroma and character.

Admiral Maltings will produce premium malt at their new facility on Alameda Point for select craft breweries and distilleries. All of the grain sourced by Admiral Maltings is grown using organic or no-till practices to promote ecological health.