Ample Harvest

There are about 45 million home gardeners in America today, many of whome might find it both inspiring and rewarding to donate some of the bounty of their garden to those in need.By planting just a little extra in their gardens in order to donate to others, local gardeners can play a vital role in improveing the health and well-being of their community. A movement to connect gardeners with local food pantries could provide some of the best quality produce in the country to some of the least advantaged of its citizens. is a nationwide non-profit, that has been fighting hunger and food waste since 2009. Working with nearly 8,000 food pantries in all 50 states, the organization is enabling millions of home gardeners and growers to donate a portion of their garden produce to local food pantries.The organization then works with the collaboratively registered pantries and gardeners online to make the valuable and vegetable connection.