Legendary Legumes

Chick Pea Flour is rich in protein, iower in both calories and carbohydrates than other gluten-free flours, and higher in fiber. The type of fiber found in chick peas is also important. It is from “resistant starch”, which, as the name suggests, means that the starch resists digestion while in the small intestine. This means that eating foods containing chickpea flour won’t raise your glycemic (blood sugar) level. Instead, tthe presence of this starch works to moderate both your blood sugar and insulin responses following a meal.

One of the most famous uses for Chick Pea flour is for use in Socca, the crispy thin flat bread served  hot by street vendors at open-air markets throughout France. According to MFK Fisher, the French still associate Chick Peas with Mary Magdalene due to the legend of Mary’s cohorts Les Saintes Maries who devotees say fled to Provence from Jerusalem and on the way were saved from starvation by a bottomless pot of, you guessed it, Pois Chiches or Chick Peas.