Ancient Grains

Research shows that ancient heirloom strains of wheat contain significantly lower levels of gluten than do conventional wheat varieties. More importantly, these ancient grains, especially when minimally processed, have been shown to cause significantly less of the inflammatory digestive reactions that many people are  mistakenly attributing to gluten intolerance.

“Conventionally” processed wheat has been stripped of all its “slower” elements: the bran, kernels etc., allowing it to be digested far too rapidly.This leaves in high levels of fermentable short-chain carbohydrates or “FODMAPS” in the intestinal tract where they can cause a host of allergic-like reactions.

So in order to avoid the presence of unhealthy FODMAPS in one’s guts avoid highly-processed wheat-based baked goods and learn to bake heavier breads at home using ancient-varieties of sprouted organic whole grain flour.