Catfish Cakes

Farmed-raised catfish are both a sensual and sustainable choice. Here’s an easy and toothsome recipe.




• 1lb Farm-raised American Catfish fillets
• 1 teaspoon white pepper
• 2 large shallots chopped
• 1/2 cup minced fresh garden herbs (parsley, sage, marjoram, arugula, etc.)
• 2 cups of shredded sourdough bread (crust removed)
• 3 scallions chopped, ( or similar quantity of green garlic if available)
• 3/4 cup dry-aged cheese
• Salt to taste
• 3 tablespoons of grapeseed oil for frying
• Cornstarch (for coating)

Soak the shredded bread in a bowl of milk or water. Remove any bones from the fish and cut into small semi-shredded pieces and put them in a large mixing bowl.

Add the white pepper, shallots, herbs, green onions, dry-aged cheese and seasonings. Mix until well blended. Remove the shredded bread from the bowl and squeeze out the excess liquid. Gently mix the bread in with the rest of the ingredients until it becomes condensed and sticky.

Form the mixture into four compact cakes no more than a couple of inches thick and place them on a paper towel. Heat the oil in a pan. Dust the cakes with cornstarch and pan-fry them on a medium heat until golden brown (about 3 minutes). Flip the cakes carefully and fry the other side until browned. Serve with aioli. Makes two servings, or four small cakes. 

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