Brewing Local


For thousands of years the brewing arts have been a way to celebrate the character of a place and long before Europeans ever arrived, there were plenty of folks on the North American continent brewing up fermented beverages from ingredients they found close at hand.

Later, as successive generations of immigrants brought their own techniques and recipes from far and wide to different regions across the country, one could say that the character of American brewing became defined as much by  its immigration policy as by its habitat.

In Brewing Local, Stan Hieronymus examines the evolving nature of American beer culture offering insights into the current crop of craft-brewers foraging for unique ingredients in their local wilds and woodlands in order to craft their distinctive site-specific beers.

The book offers useful information on a range of botanicals, includes a catalogue of over 170 different brewing ingredients, plus 22 notable beer recipes culled from craft and home brewers who have gained national acclaim.