Altered Genes Twisted Truths


In Altered Genes Twisted Truths, Steven Druker reveals the collaboration between the buisiness of pesticulture and its media apologists to obscure the truth about both the health and efficacy of GMO’s.

The well-documented book chronicles Big Ag’s decades-long manipulation of public opinion on the subject, revealing how both government agencies and mainstream media-outlets have consistently been selective about what they choose to report in order to avoid raising concern about the safety of GMO products.

Meticulously documented, the book uses both credible facts and, occasionally, striking metaphors to convey the dangers of unchecked genetic modification.

In one passage, Druker uses the principles of programming to demonstrate the risks of trying to compose and manipulate the “code” of physical reality. He references the programmer’s distinction between “spaghetti code”, (or code so intertwined as to obscure unforeseen reactions with other code or the hardware itself), and “ravioli code”, or code designed to relate data in a more discrete and in a manner less likely to create unforseen and malignant bugs.

 “But even the most complex human-made system seems simple compared to nature’s software.” writes Druker, “We do not know what all the components are, nor do we fully understand how they are arrayed. Although DNA is commonly regarded as the locus of a cell’s information system, the evidence indicates that the system is not fully localized within that molecule-and that some of its most important parts reside elsewhere.”



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