MacCallum House


Alan Kantor is the Executive Chef at MacCallum House, a charming little Inn in the town of Mendocino. The local food-shed map framed in the foyer attests to the fact that Kantor was one of the premiere farm-focused chefs in California. His former website was once avaluable resource for artisanal food enthusiasts taking the first steps to reconnect with the local farms, fisheries and foragers of Northern California.

Today, Kantor continues to source his ingredients locally and his kitchen still features house-made breads, pastas, smoked meats, and a variety of fermented produce. The wine list here is exceptional and fine craft beers are always on the menu.

Duck, Oysters and local mushrooms are menu highlights here, and each fall the restaurant hosts a wonderful six-course Wild Mushroom Winemaker Dinner in honor of Mendocino’s magnificent mushroom bounty.