Slow Dairy


Andante, is a dairy named for the “slower” rhythm of traditional cheese-making. One example of their edible artistry is Melange, a delicious and diminutive cheese weighing in at just slightly over four ounces.

Melange combines the piquant delicacy of goat’s milk from the dairy’s Volpi Ranch in Petaluma with the richness of organic cow’s milk from Jersey cows raised at nearby Spring Hill Jersey Farm. The pasteurized milk is then cultured and allowed to ferment slowly in order to encourage both depth of flavor and a more tender curd.

Ripening from the rind inward, Melange becomes softer and creamier over time and develops a delicately fresh sweet-tart flavor somewhat reminiscent of Brie. Look for it at Bay Area markets including Bi-Rite, or the Saturday Farmers Market at the Ferry Building.