Backstreet Kitchen

 Cindy’s Backstreet Kitchen sits perched on a quiet corner in downtown St. Helena. The seasonally-focused menu here can be complimented by great local wines. Chef Cindy Pawlcyn was an early advocate “farm-to table” cuisine, helping to make local, seasonal, and sustainably-sourced menus a part of the modern American culinary tradition.

Oysters Bingo, is a sort of West Coast version Oysters Rockefeller. Here the raw oysters are topped with spinach, parmesan cheese, and garlic, and then broiled briefly before appearing at your table still sizzling visibly. There they can be paired with, say, Frog’s Leap Chardonnay.

Other menu highlights here include Rabbit Tostada served with red chile salsa, black beans & feta. For dessert, indulge yourself in a decidedly decadent Campfire Pie featuring altitudinous peaks of toasted marshmallow-meringue floating above an oreo-cookie inspired crust.