Tea Seed Oil


Tea Seed Oil




Organic Tea Seed Oil from Arette is the result of cold-pressing the fresh seeds of mountain-grown Tea trees Camellia Oleifera. Since the 3rd century BCE wise cooks in China have made great use of this healthy and high-quality cooking oil that is perfect for stir-frying. It takes a full seven years to produce the marble-sized tea seeds, plus another year of maturing, before they are hand-picked in the late fall.

Though shy in flavor, Tea Seed Oil offers several health benefits. Compared to olive oil, it has more Omega 9, significantly (30%) less saturated fat, more of beneficial mono-unsaturated, a higher smoke point, and a longer shelf-life. It also contains tea polyphenols, which are both anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.

To enhance the flavor of the oil, Arette has created a “Dipping Oil Series”, infusing the Tea Seed Oil with sun-dried tomatoes, chili pepper and garlic; garlic and rosemary; and sencha green tea.

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