Real Farm

 Downtown’s Realfarm has finally opened its faux rusted doors. Insidem weilding cutlery styled as vintage farm equipment, diners are making what owner-designer Arlo Fiske calls a “Compost to Kitchen” connection.” 

According to Fiske, all of the restaurant’s  produce and vegetables are not merely organic, they are also free of the plant-based nomenclature that can inhibit their growth and vitality. But that’s not all. Fiskes team of certified Agrotherapists also work tirelessly with each individual plant inb order to help it to reach its full vegetative potential, often neglecting themselves entirely in the process.”

“All our vegetables are cultivated in a non-normative growth environment free of the typical vegetarian classifications.” says Fiske. “This provides them with a sense of freedom that you can really taste.”

Despite the success of RealFarm, Fiske and his team of Agrotherapists are already hard at work on another dining project. FarmSpa,set to open in the Marina district next spring will be the country’s first Farm-Style Day Spa.

“We can’t wait to let our high-value clientelle experience the unfettered joys of life as a free-range farm animal.” said Fiske. “Farmspa guests will be able to graze freely throughout the full range of our huge indoor Dining Pasture, or sample at will from a menu of signature FarmSpa treatments sincluding: rodding, Milking, and Fleecing.”