Over 100 breweries operate in the San Francisco Bay Area, America's first craft-brewing region. Craft beer, along with  American IPA, was born in the Bay Area back in 1975 with Anchor Brewing Co.'s Anchor Liberty Ale, a crisp, dry-hopped ale that foreshadowed the modern American IPA. Up in Santa Rosa, Russian River's Vinnie Cilurzo created the world's first Double IPA, the acclaimed Pliny the Elder, now followed by a prototypical Triple IPA, called Pliny the Younger.


These days there are dozens of local Bay Area breweries selling fresh-brewed beer on site and hand-delivering kegs to selected bars,moving away from year-round flagship brews and embracing near-continuous rotation in their taprooms. SF Beer Week 2017 is a superb time to enjoy the various craft beer offerings from members of San Francisco Brewers Guild.


Eel River Brewing Company has announced the 2017 release of Organic Earth Thirst Double IPA. Originally brewed in 2010, the beer was designed to celebrate organic hop growers of the Pacific Northwest in commemoration of Earth Day. That year marked the first time the variety of hops needed to produce a traditional, American Double IPA were available locally and organically. 

As trailblazers in the organic craft beer industry – and one of the largest purchasers of organic hops in the world - one of  the goals at Eel River Brewing is to forge relationships with and to support organic farmers.  They were the first certified organic brewery in the country.