Blackbird Farm, and its Farm Stay Inn is set on 250 exquisite acres the heart of Anderson Valley. The farm offers four cabins, two small farm houses and several yurts clustered around a century-old main house where organic meals are served.



 A non-profit organization, the farm is dedicated to educating students about sustainable living, agriculture, and livestock.The large kitchen garden and farm plot is maintained during the off-season by visiting farm interns who also tend orchards of organically produced pears, apples, cherries, plums and walnuts. Guests here can explore local trails via horseback, and take day-trips to the many area wineries.





Oz Farm and Retreat Center, just 130 miles north of San Francisco, offers inspiration and tranquility amidst old growth redwood forests, pristine meadows, fresh air and clear water.  

The working ranch is fully off the grid using only solar energy and wind to power its operations and the lodgings here run the gamut from rustic cabins to yurts, geodesic domes and campsites all sharing a communal kitchen.

Guests here can hike the trails or relax amid the redwoods.There is seasonal yoga, Tai Chi, meditation, cooking and artist workshops.