Community Alliance with Family Farmers (CAFF) builds sustainable food and farming systems through policy advocacy and on-the-ground programs designed to cultivate more resilient family farms, communities and ecosystems. CAFF works with family-scale farmers to generate change and build better food and farming systems. CAFF helps farmers by creating and changing state and national legislation, and working directly with growers and buyers to help them access markets and improve their growing practices. This brings healthier food into more schools, hospitals and farmers markets so that community members have greater awareness of and access to healthy, local food.

Ceres Community Project encourages young people to grow food and prepare organic meals that are delivered for free to low income families struggling with a serious health challenges. With four program sites in Northern California and a dozen communities nationally replicating its model, Ceres is re-imagining the meal delivery program as a strategy for improving health, reducing social isolation, and strengthening local food systems.

California FarmLink is statewide program of economic development. Their Farm Opportunities Loan Program provides flexibly structured financing to under served, low-income, immigrant, and beginning farmers across the state for operating, equipment, and infrastructure loans.

City Slicker Farms is working against the displacement caused by the tech-tonic shift underway in West Oakland demographics that attracts an affluent workforce while it limits access to affordable healthy food for existing lower-income residents. City Slicker Farms also supports various community agriculture projects including three community market farms, more than 300 backyard gardens, a farm stand, a greenhouse, and an urban farming education program.

Eosta is presently Europe’s most innovative importer, packer and distributor of organically grown fresh produce and the first importer to the European food market that obtained carbon credits on organic farming practices and offered certified Climate Neutral products.

Eosta products also carry a unique three digit Nature & More ‘trace & tell’ code and/or QR-code that provides retailers and consumers with direct web access to the producer as well as his ecological and social impact. On produce, the company employs Natural Branding, an organic approach to marking fruits and vegetables with a laser beam so no additional substances such as plastic stickers are used. In addition to preventing plastic waste, the energy needed for marking a piece of fruit in this manner is less than 1% of the energy needed to produce that plastic sticker.