raw-oysterThe oyster, the size of your average stone,

has a rougher look and less consistency of hue.

Dazzlingly white, its a world stubbornly sealed;

you can open it, however it must be held

in the fold of a napkin.

Use a knife, notched and not too honest,

and try it more than once.

Curious fingers will be cut, nails broken,

It’s not a dainty task. Blows that scar the outer shell

leave orbs of white, halos of some kind.

Once inside, there’s a world to eat and drink

beneath a firmament, so to speak, of mother of-pearl,

The upper heavens merge with skies below to form a single pool,

where a viscous greenish pillow ebbs and flows   

decorated at the edge with blackish lace.

And every once in a very great while a dazzling expression arises

from its mother-of-pearl throat that makes a lovely reason  

to adorn oneself.oyster

-Francis Ponge