Vella Jack



Franciscan friars living around Monterey California first crafted a mild white cheese in the 19th century but their craft only became legend-dairy when Scottish real estate tycoon and dairy-owner David Jack started marketing his version of the old Franciscan recipe, first under the name “Jack’s Cheese” and later as “Monterey Jack Cheese”.

During the Prohibition era, it was Gaetano (Tom) Vella and his wife Zolita who converted an old brewery into an artisan cheese company.Quickly therafter Vella‘s Dry Aged Jack Cheese became a local chef’s treasure much prized for its sweet-nutty character and a rind offering notes of black pepper and unsweetened cocoa. 

Exceedingly palate-stimulating, the dense, crumbly cheese can be enjoyd as thick shavings  gathered atop a thick toasted wedge of raisin toast that has been lavishly apportioned with avocado slices and fig jam. An authentic California alternative to Parmigiano-Reggiano, this Dry Aged Jack will raise the sail on many a plate of pasta providing sharp, nutty, earthy, salinity.