Most non-organic milk you find on supermarket shelves is now sourced from enormous mega-dairies that can keep 30,000 cows confined in huge containment barns. These overcrowed stressed and unhealthy animals are then fed with GMO grains and protected from mass infection by megadoses of antibiotics combined with cocktails of hormones. 

Milk is by its very definition a fresh product. Its quality is thus directly related to the distance it must be shipped in order to reach your kitchen. In order to control spoilage during transport most commercially produced milk is exposed to heat treatments that are detrimental to both its taste and nutritional quality. The best milk to source, therefore, comes from the best organic dairy found closest to your home. 

Northern California’s Straus Family Creamery in Sonoma County has long been a leader in the movement for food transparency and the fight against genetic modification. Over many years, and despite significant growth, they have remained committed to authentically sustainable practices including growing much of their own feed, using recycled glass bottles, and generating power from a methane digester located on their farm.


A Straus Holstein Cow