Taqueria De Amigos



Drive down Old Stage Road, just off highway 101 along the San Mateo coast, past magnificent ocean vistas and rolling hills for fish tacos in Pescadero. Sounds pretty obvious right?  It is. So skip the GPS, and when you get to Pescadero just lean out of your window and ask anyone you see for directions to the Taqueria De Amigos. And if they don’t understand you just say ” you know, the place sells those great fish tacos!” They’ll know.

Once inside the famous, sign-less gas-station-grocery-store, get in line. If you can, have a an associate snag one of the small tables beside that pickle/salsa bar over there brimming with all the taco toppings: radishes, pickled carrots, peppers, fresh multi-colored salsas, warm chips etc. I’m telling you, at about four bucks each these fish tacos here are really some of the best in Northern California.