MacCallum House



Chef Alan Kantor, the Executive Chef at MacCallum House, a charming little Inn in the town of Mendocino, was a true gut-leader in the local food movement in Northern California and as an homage to his purveyors creted a special food-shed map framed in the restaurant foyerr. For years Kantor maintained a website that served as a valuable resource for those making their connection to area farms, fisheries and foragers.

Today, Kantor continues to source nearly all his ingredients locally, crafting in-house breads, pastas, smoked meats etc. Each fall the restaurant at the Inn also offers an extravagant Wild Mushroom Winemaker dinner that showcases a six-course seasonal mushroom menu highlighting the local bounty. Mendocino’s resident mushroom expert Eric Schramm also appears at the annual dinner to gives a mushroom talk while local winemaker Greg Graziano pairs up some of his best wines for each earthy offering.