Taqueria De Amigos



Drive down Old Stage Road, just off highway 101, along the San Mateo coast while marveling both at the magnificent ocean and the verdant rolling hills, towards the tiny town of Pescadero. Forget about the GPS. When you reach the town just lean out of the window and ask pretty much anyone on the street, (no, not that guy) for directions to the Taqueria De Amigos. They’ll know exactly what you mean.

its a nearly anonymous gas-station-mini-mart. Go in and get in line. If possible, have your friend quickly snag one of the few tiny tables by that salsa bar brimming with taco toppings: pickled radishes, carrots, and peppers, fresh multi-colored salsas, green, red and ochre, warm crispy chips. At about four bucks a pair, the perfect little fish tacos here are among the best in California.